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Conceptual Building Solutions, LLC.

Minnesota, North & South Dakota

Conceptual Building Solutions is an independent sales and marketing company.  We work with architects, contractors, general contractors, construction managers, and owners to solve their functionally aesthetic building needs.


To ensure our clients are getting the best possible solutions to their needs, we have teamed up with 2 of the most reputable and knowledgeable firms in the Midwest.  This synergistic approach enables us to utilize multiple resources to provide a platform that otherwise may be narrow in scope and vision.


Conceptual Building Solutions focuses primarily on interiors, but also offers exterior solutions as well.  Where our options stop, is where Environmental Building Products' options start.  We have a collaborative approach to combine both experience and excellence in solving even the most complex building visions.


When combining forces, we also had the excellent opportunity to join Hughes & Associates out of Chicago.  This enabled us to offer a full interiors' line to complement the existing product offerings, while also offering a collective philosophical edge in the market.

Whether you have new construction, or a bit of a tired building in need of updating, we have an option that will solve your design needs.

Environmental Building Products

Minnesota, North & South Dakota

Environmental Building Products, LLC has over forty years of experience in the commercial architectural market as representatives and technical advisors for high quality, cost effective, and environmentally orientated architectural products dealing primarily with the building envelope.


The founders of EBP have been involved in the introduction of aluminum composite material to the U.S., the development of custom engineered curtain wall systems, and the development and engineering of rain screen panel attachment systems.

EBP's efforts and commitment to deliver innovative leading edge materials leads to involvement in all stages and aspects of building design and construction from conceptual stage to project completion, providing not only solutions for materials, but methods and procedures for adjacent materials.


EBP's success in this area has been due to their commitment to service and the drive to provide innovative material solutions that continue to push the building design. EBP's mix of materials is structured to provide a palette of effective facade design solutions ensuring not only a stunning visual result but one that will perform both fiscally and mechanically for a long time to come.


for additional building options via Environmental Building Products.

Hughes & Associates

Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin (Minnesota, North & South Dakota)

Our goal at Hughes & Associates, Inc. is to work with design professionals, utilizing quality products from reputable manufacturers to solve simple to complex design problems including acoustics, aesthetics and performance criteria.

We also maintain a consultative sales relationship with all factions of the construction process from conception to implementation.


We include all partnerships of interior design, architecture, general contracting, specialty contractors, distribution and manufacturing in successful utilization of our represented architectural products in a timely and budget conscious manner.

for service in Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin via Hughes & Associates.

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