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CertainTeed ceilings have a reputation across the construction landscape as being one of the most sustainable, and well-known manufacturers of both commodity, and specialty, ceilings on the market today.  Their family of ceiling manufacturers includes; Perfoma, Gyptone, Ecophon, and Decoustics. 

Decoustics’ range of premium custom ceiling and wall products includes: the Ceilencio torsion spring ceiling system, Claro custom acoustical coatings, Natural wood finished ceiling and wall options, LightFrame translucent fabric system, and a wide range of wall panels for any application. These products are engineered with an extremely high level of precision. In today’s increasingly competitive world, architects and designers rely on Decoustics’ ability to manufacture products which meet the highest of standards, ensuring that their designs match their visions.

With increased decibels and population densities in every gathering place, noise suppression products are a necessary defense against noise bombardment. Today, sound control is a highly technical, high demand industry as people, companies, schools, and more, seek to unite the benefits of advanced sound technologies with the need for quiet.

QTS provides professional, experienced, intelligent, and cost-effective sound solutions. Whether sound control requires noise absorbers, sound barriers, excellent acoustical performance, or the coordination of all three, rely on QTS to manufacture the perfect solution.

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