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Manufacturer's Representatives.  Consulting.  Building Solutions.

These are a few of the services we offer.  From building conception, to installation and completion, we are your building source to make sure that the correct materials are provided, and the highest level of service is maintained throughout.  We handle a number of manufacturers that are both leaders, and innovators in their respective fields.  By handling a diverse landscape of specialty manufacturers, we are able to service various parts of the project, which also helps encompass a wide skillset and working knowledge of the job at hand.


Whether you're an architect, general contractor, sub-contractor, consultant, builder, or an owner, by allowing us to help finish out your project, you're allowing your building to maintain a lifetime of highly functional beauty.



Product Selection

A building is only as good as the materials used to construct it.  By handling the most reputable manufacturers in the industry, we help architects, owners, and contractors select the material that will last, perform, and be aesthetically pleasing for years to come.



A service that's typically shoved back into the lap of the contractor is one that we will help provide.  We subscribe to several online services with access to plans of most projects bidding in every market we handle.  This allows prompt, and accurate pricing of our materials, so that you can use it as a "check and balance" against your quantities of specialty products.

Price Point

Competitive situations and project budgets will often come into play.  We realize that providing the best materials and services can mean that project has a certain look and function needed, but pricing can be outside of budget.  With flexible manufacturers, and rep group, we can almost always give a project a second look to meet the price points needed to provide the necessary materials.  Everyone looks at a project differently, and we want to make sure our contractors end up with the best possible price before submittals.

Voluntary Alternates


Sometimes the product listed is a good solution, but it might not be the best solution.  We give options to contractors, and architects, to submit as an alternate that might be an attractive option to a design that hadn't previously been seen during the conceptual phase.

Project Management

Once the proper products are selected, priced by us, and ordered, they must be ordered correctly, and delivered in a timely manner.  By being a mediator between manufacturer and customer, we can help to remove the stress of the manufacturing and delivery so that you can focus on your next project.

Marketing Partner


We are passionate about marketing our business, along with our strengths.  However our business is only a byproduct of the architects, contractors, and manufacturers that we work with.  By taking part in projects with us, we will help market your company, and project, by highlighting you in our "featured" tab.



Whether it's a lead time constraint, layout design, or jobsite question, we are available for open dialog throughout the entire process; bidding-until-completion, and thereafter.  We want to be the solution to all of your building needs.

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