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Kyle Czekalski

I have been in the Architectural Specialty business since 2003.  After obtaining my degree in Mechanical Design, I knew that my personality and passion for dealing directly with people would take my career in a slightly different direction.  I was fortunate to get an opportunity doing takeoffs, quotes, shop drawings, and order writing for a manufacturer in the industry.  After a year of working internally, my burgeoning relationships with our independent sales force led to my greatest opportunity.  Bruce Michelich of Architectural Materials, Inc in Frisco, TX offered me a position with him to help grow his business.  I took the opportunity, and turned it into the very platform that I rely on as professional, and as a person.  I was taught the inner workings of the business, and how to conduct it with honesty and integrity.  I spent the better part of the next eight years working with AMi developing the business, and myself professionally.


My close-knit ties with my family, home, and hobbies eventually caused me to return back to Northern Wisconsin, where I was born and raised.  As an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, and sports enthusiast, I knew that this would be the best long term move going forward.  I knew that I had to utilize both my talents, and experience in the industry to forge a network that would help solve design concepts in an ever evolving industry.  In doing so I was again fortunate to have the opportunity to team up with two of the very best companies in the Midwest.


Mike Herbst of Environmental Building Products (Excelsior, MN) has a second generation company that's sustained a reputation in the industry for 50 years.  His expertise in exterior building products was a perfect match for my knowledge of interior products, and relationships in the market that we both could share.  This knowledge and these relationships are the foundation of what makes us valuable to one another.  In addition to EBP, we then teamed up with Hughes & Associates (Hoffman Estates, IL).  Their networks of manufacturers, architects, and contractors helped fill in the natural gaps, as well as provide another resource in the industry.   Another second generation company, JR & Zach Hughes have been able to learn the business from one of the best in the country in their father John Hughes.  The synergy that we are able to produce by collaboration gives us a very unique presence in the marketplace.


We take pride in making sure that our customers (both architect & contractor) enjoy their experience, and foster a lasting relationship that's built on trust and reliability.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help with your project!

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